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PHB Support Services Directory

Welcome to our Support Services Directory for people who hold a Personal Health Budget (PHB).

The Directory will allow PHB Holders and their representatives to search for PHB Support Services. The PHB Support Services Directory includes several providers who can deliver PHB Support Services. The providers can work with all ages and service groups, in the North Central London area.

There are three categories of PHB Support Services:

  1. Personalised Care and Support Planning and Brokerage Services
  2. Money Management Services
  3. PHB Support Services

Within 3. PHB Support Services, there are several sub-services that can be purchased:

  • (3.A) Training Service for PHB Employers and Personal Assistants
  • (3.B) Advocacy Services
  • (3.C) Recruitment Support Services for PHB Employers
  • (3.D)Third Party Service with on-going Management Support
  • (3.E) Brokerage Support, Information and Guidance
  • (3.F) Employer Insurance Services

Before you use the PHB Support Services Directory, please read ‘How to use the Personal Health Budget Support Services Directory - a guide for people who have a Personal Health Budget’, first. This will explain the process for choosing and paying for a PHB Support Service. Your can receive a copy of the guide from your Case Manager.

Before you contact PHB Support Service Providers, please ensure that your Case Manager has given you your:

  • ICB Care Plan (based on the ICB eligibility assessment) or Personalised Care and Support Plan, if you have one that was created in the last 2 years.
  • ICB letter indicating your PHB eligibility.
  • Indicative Budget (weekly amount of your PHB to pay for care, support and PHB management costs).
  • Guidance on how to use the online PHB Support Services Directory.

You will need to show your chosen PHB Support Services Provider the information.