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We are a partnership of NHS, councils, and voluntary sector organisations, working together to improve health and care in Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey, and Islington.  

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Across North Central London (NCL), we want to prevent people getting sick, act sooner when they do, support them to best manage their own health and reduce health inequalities.

GPs, hospitals, care providers and voluntary organisations are working together to support healthier lives for all our residents. ​We are joining up your health and care records and using this information to help us plan and design services that will improve the health, wellbeing, and care of all NCL residents.


Diagram displaying a big centred circle including text that reads "We link your health and data from different organisations", smaller circles surround the circles and point back to the bigger circle. These smaller circles read "adult social care services, GP (doctor), mental health and community care, hospitals, we use de-identified data to improve health and care services, seeing your full data helps your doctor improve your care"



Improving the care you receive

We have joined up health and care records so professionals involved in your care see important information about your health when and where they need them. This avoids repetition, saves time and supports them to deliver the most effective care possible.

Your London Care Record, which includes your health and care information, can be seen by frontline staff across our five boroughs as well as more widely across London and some neighbouring areas. This means that wherever you are in London the professionals involved in your care can see the information they need to make quicker and safer decisions with you. Find out more about the London Care Record by clicking here.


Improving population health and planning services

Health and care professionals in north central London also use a digital platform called HealtheIntent to help them provide more proactive care to residents and communities. It helps them highlight trends, concerns or gaps in care and also helps to identify health and care needs or inequalities their patients. Find out more about HealtheIntent by clicking here.

As well as supporting people’s care through the London Care Record and HealtheIntent, joining up data presents wider opportunities to improve the health and care of our communities here in north central London. While you may not benefit immediately, improvements to services will benefit you, your family or your community. Our aim is to improve everyone’s health, focusing on groups that have worse outcomes than we would expect. To find out more about the secondary use of data – that is, how we use de-identified data to identify needs, enable better prevention and more proactive care, and improve access to care – click here.