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HealtheIntent is a digital platform which allows health and care professionals in north central London to provide more proactive care to residents and communities. 

HealtheIntent links together health and care information about residents in north central London from different health and care providers. The system provides a more complete picture of the health and care needs of individuals and groups by drawing on information from multiple sources.

Health and care professionals who are directly involved in a patient’s care can view a patient’s joined-up record, showing information collected by different providers over time. The patient record helps to highlight trends, concerns or gaps in care.

The joined-up records also help to identify health and care needs or inequalities for the wider population in north central London.

Registries and Analytics

The information contained in HealtheIntent is presented to users through tools called ‘registries’ and ‘analytics’.

  • Registries are designed to describe the care given to a particular group of residents, for example those with the same long-term condition. Registries are used by front-line clinical and care staff to find out what kind of care has been provided to an individual or group, and whether there are any gaps in care. The measures of care in a registry are based on agreed standards of high-quality care. For example, the diabetes registry shows measures relating to the effective management of care for patients with diabetes, such as assessing BMI or conducting regular eye and foot exams.  Registries present up-to-date relevant information and alert clinicians to any gaps.
  • Analytics are designed to describe care given to our population and identify differences in provision. Those differences may appear between different geographic areas, different sub-populations, or over time. Analytics can help to spot trends and variation in groups of patients and help professionals to identify any specific actions that need to be taken to improve care. Analytics can also be used by health and care professionals directly involved in a patient’s care to create lists of people for review or follow up.

 Most data on HealtheIntent will be anonymised. Only a healthcare professional who is directly involved in a patient’s care will be able to see that individual patient’s record.