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We are a partnership of NHS, councils, and voluntary sector organisations, working together to improve health and care in Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey, and Islington.  

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HealtheIntent is a digital platform which allows health and care professionals in north central London to provide more proactive care to residents and communities.

It links together health and care information about residents in north central London from different providers giving a more complete picture of the health and care needs of individuals and groups. This helps professionals identify health and care needs, gap in care or inequalities in outcomes for the populations they serve.

The short film below explains more about how HealtheIntent is helping improve health and care in north central London.




Helping identify gaps in care

HealtheIntent uses agreed standards of high-quality care to look at the care given to a particular group of residents, like those with the same long-term condition, and whether there are any gaps in care. For example, for diabetes it shows measures relating to the effective management of care for patients with diabetes, such as assessing BMI or conducting regular eye and foot exams, and because it has up-to-date relevant information, it alerts clinicians to any gaps.

HealtheIntent can also analyse the care given to our local communities to identify any important differences. This helps professionals to identify any specific actions that need to be taken to improve care. It can also be used by health and care professionals directly involved in a patient’s care to create lists of people for review or follow up.


Where can I get more information?

We worked with OneLondon to develop secure ways to do share health and care data. Public involvement was central to this work and in 2020 the OneLondon Citizens’ Summit took place where Londoners supported joined up data being used to support individual care, proactive care, planning and research. The recommendations from this Summit and further public events continue to inform our work.

You can find out more about our work with OneLondon by clicking here.

We have a range of material with more detail about how we securely use your information including what to do if you do not want your information shared.

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