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Post Covid Syndrome: North Central London resources

This page has been collated by health providers in North Central London to support people with Post-Covid Syndrome, sometimes known as Long Covid.

If you’re a patient in North Central London and you think you may have symptoms of Post-Covid Syndrome, please make an appointment to see a clinician at your GP practice in the first instance. For urgent problems, please call NHS 111.

If you are invited for an appointment at your GP Practice, you may also be asked to undertake a self-assessment of your current symptoms, the impact they are having on you, and what is most important to you in terms of your recovery. The self-assessment is available to download: NCL Primary Care COVID-19 Recovery Questionnaire.

If you’re a clinician the resources below are available for you to share with your patients who have Post-Covid Syndrome symptoms.

North Central London Covid webinar series

NCL mental health trusts have created a series of webinars on recovering from COVID-19 through their Recovery College. These webinars have been created by clinical experts working with people who have lived experience of the topics, and cover:

  • Coping with Covid
  • Covid and Trauma
  • Managing Fatigue
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Mindfulness
  • Eating for Health
  • Managing Low Mood
  • Managing Sleep
  • Returning to Work

The series has been recorded and is available to watch on the Camden and Islington Recovery College Website.

Accessing support from Your Covid Recovery

Your Covid Recovery is an open-access online portal for self-guided recovery from Covid-19. It is accessible online.

It contains a range of information and self-management advice, including information for family, friends and carers on how to support people in their recovery.

People recovering from covid-19, supporting others to recover are encouraged to refer to the website in the first instance. We also encourage clinicians seeing patients recovering from COVID-19 to refer to this website.

Additional self-management support and advice for common Post-Covid Symptoms

Your Covid Recovery contains advice and support for many of the common symptoms of Post-Covid Syndrome. However, for people who would like to access more detailed advice and self-management support, we recommend the following resources.

Below you’ll find a combination of advice developed by the specialist team at University College Hospital London (UCLH), and links to other websites which provide

Help with sleep and tiredness

NHS sleep and tiredness advice

The Sleep Counciloffers sleep advice for both adults and children.

Mental Health Foundation Ten top tips for good sleep

Help with anxiety and low mood

Locally produced advice on managing mental health following COVID-19 is available here.

NHS Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear have produced a library of self-help leaflets on common mental health topics which are all available to download.

Good Thinking is a London-wide resource and provides signposting and support for mental health, with targeted help for young people, parents and carers, healthcare professionals and employers.

Help with breathlessness

Locally produced advice on managing breathing pattern disorders following COVID-19 is available here.

Physiotherapy for breathing pattern disorders offer advice for patients and healthcare professionals, including a downloadable leaflet on Post-Covid Syndrome breathing.

The Royal Free trust have also created resources to support breathlessness including a patient leaflet and YouTube video on active breathing.

The Camden & Islington iCope service has produced a series of breathlessness and breathing for relaxation leaflets including how to manage anxiety and panic, and relaxation and breathing techniques.

Help with fatigue

Locally produced advice on managing fatigue following COVID-19 is available here. The Camden and Islington iCope service has produced a series of fatigue leaflets.

Help to stay well and return to regular activity

Royal Free have produced a leaflet on eating well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UCLH have produced two leaflets on returning to regular activity post-COVID-19:

Return to work advice following COVID-19 leaflet

Return to Physical Activity following COVID-19 leaflet

Long Covid in children and young people 

Factsheet on Long Covid in children and young people