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New Collaborative Staffing Banks Enhance Flexibility in North Central London

In North Central London (NCL), two innovative collaborative staffing banks have been established to empower healthcare professionals with more control and choice in their work schedules.

NCL Collaborative Bank

The NCL Collaborative Bank redefines how healthcare professionals in the region manage their work shifts. It offers the opportunity for individuals to select the shifts they want to work, extending their options beyond their home Trust. This flexibility allows them to align their work schedules with their preferences and priorities.

The NCL Collaborative Bank welcomes professionals from different specialties, including Band 2 nursing, Band 5 general nursing, Registered Mental Health Nurses, and Radiographers. With this wide-ranging inclusion, healthcare workers from various disciplines can benefit from the advantages of collaborative working.

To learn more or join the NCL Collaborative Bank, please visit the official website at

NCL Medical Collaborative Bank

In addition to the NCL Collaborative Bank, doctors across North Central London Trusts can also enjoy the benefits of collaborative working through the NCL Medical Collaborative Bank. This bank is designed exclusively for doctors, aligning with the core principles of the NCL Collaborative Bank.

The NCL Medical Collaborative Bank is committed to offering all doctors greater control and choice over their work schedules. Whether you are a junior doctor or a seasoned medical professional, this collaborative bank is a gateway to a more personalised and accommodating work experience.

If you are interested in finding out more about the NCL Medical Collaborative Bank or wish to enquire about its services, please visit the official website at:

Engagement and information sessions throughout November

Pop-up information sessions will be held across six NCL sites throughout the month of November to promote the collaborative banks. These sessions are designed to answer any questions you may have and to provide insights into the numerous benefits of collaborative working. The dates and locations are listed below.

  • Wednesday 15 November (all-day) at North Middlesex University Hospital (Atrium opposite WH Smiths)
  • Wednesday 15 November (all-day) at Royal Free Hospital (staff canteen)
  • Wednesday 15 November (all-day) at Whittington Health (Old Wingman Lounge)
  • Thursday 16 November (all-day) at Barnet Hospital (staff canteen)
  • Thursday 16 November (all-day) at Chase Farm Hospital (main entrance near Costa Coffee)
  • Thursday 16 November (all-day) at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (Stanmore Building Atrium)