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NCL ICB Zero Tolerance Statement

Respect and dignity, compassion, improving lives and ensuring that everyone counts are core values at the heart of the NHS Constitution.

At NCL ICB, our vision is for our staff to work in an environment where everyone feels safe, respected, valued, and treated with dignity. We celebrate diversity and are committed to nurturing a culture that is inclusive and fair, challenges inequality and is free from any form of micro-aggression, bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

Therefore, the ICB has a zero tolerance approach to harassment, bullying and discrimination in which all employees, workers, contractors and visitors are expected to be treated and treat each other, with dignity and respect at all times, regardless of age, race, disability, gender, identity, marriage, civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief, or sexual orientation. Abusive behaviour, intimidation, or aggression in any form – in person, by telephone or written communications – will not be tolerated.

At NCL ICB, we follow NHS England’s violence prevention and reduction standard, a framework that supports a safe and secure working environment and safeguards staff from abuse, aggression and violence. Staff members who have been a victim of abuse are provided with health and wellbeing support. We also provide staff with tailored training to maximise their personal safety and wellbeing if they are faced with an aggressive or violent situation.

Our commitment to protecting our staff and other patients from all types of aggressive and violent behaviour means that there are consequences when these situations occur. We reserve the right to prevent a patient accessing treatment or to withdraw treatment and services, where the patient’s aggressive or violent behaviour impacts on or is a threat to our staff, or another patient.