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16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

Saturday 25 November was White Ribbon day, and marked the start of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence | UN Women – Headquarters a global campaign which has seen governments sign up to making ending violence against women and girls a top priority.

Violence against women and girls takes many forms, from sexist and derogatory jokes, social media posts and comments in the workplace, catcalling, or harassment in the street, at work or on public transport. The normalisation of these behaviours can lead to more serious violence. In Britain 1.7 million women experienced domestic violence in the year ending March 2022. Globally, and estimated 736 million women have experienced intimate partner violence or sexual violence in their lifetime.

This violence is preventable. The White Ribbon Campaign asks men to be allies and this year, are asking to change the story for women and girls. Women and girls have been expected to manage their own safety, instead of the responsibility being on men to look at their own behaviours. #ChangeTheStory is about reversing this narrative: #AllMenCan take an active role in stopping violence before it starts by recognising and calling out attitudes and behaviours that are harmful and constitute as violence, and lead to more extreme cases of violence.

NCL ICB has pledged its commitment to recognising all forms of violence against women and girls in everything we do. The ICB is signed up to the Mayor of London’s VAWG is everyone’s business campaign, launched in September 2023. We have pledged to continue our work with partner organisations across our boroughs to ensure best practice in safeguarding and prevention of violence. We are supporting the provision of the IRIS programme for our GPs in NCL, and the provision of programmes that work with those who are at risk of or have perpetrated domestic abuse.

One of our pledges is to ensure an anti misogynistic environment. To this end we have committed to provide relevant training for healthcare staff about extreme misogyny and how healthcare practitioners can recognise and support people affected by it.

We have organised a webinar for our NHS staff during these 16 days which will examine how online incel spaces and extreme misogyny influencers are affecting young people and vulnerable adults and how practitioners can support them.

We will work together across NCL ICB to apply for White Ribbon Accreditation for our organisation and look forward to partnering with White Ribbon UK to positively transform cultures so that women can live their lives free from the fear of violence.

Local events

Barnet events

Keeping Barnet Safe: 16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence 

Enfield Women’s Centre online event

“More than a headline, Her name was ….”

Join Enfield Women’s Centre (online) on Wednesday 6 December, 11am-12pm to remember and pay tribute to those who have died as a result of gender based violence.

They welcome you to name women and girls you know of who have died and join them in listening to music and sharing readings.

Contact to register for the online link.