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Dutch Health Minister visits Rathmore House in Camden

Dutch minister visits Rathmore House

Rathmore House, a care home in Camden, was visited by a number of Dutch health officials including Conny Helder, the Minster for Health, Welfare and Sport. NCL ICB CEO Phill Wells and Chief Nursing Officer Chris Caldwell and other partners from across the NCL ICS joined the visit to share more information about the integration of health and care in NCL, and to showcase the latest technologies and innovations that have been put in place in the care home.

These innovations included the Whzan Blue Box, the Silver Triage system, and acoustic monitoring systems – all of which provide a better service to Rathmore House residents and support a more integrated care system in NCL. The visit also included a demonstration of the Wellbeing Bus. This bus travels across NCL providing health checks for care home workers who may not otherwise have time to visit the GP or to prioritise their own health and wellbeing.

Following the visit, the Dutch Minister said: ‘It was wonderful to visit Rathmore House and find out more about the way adult care and health services are delivered in London. I am particularly impressed by the integration of these services – by bringing together different health and care partners with a shared vision and innovative way of working, it is clear how the system improves the lives of residents and creates efficiencies.’