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NCL Green Plan

North Central London Green Plan to improve health and wellbeing through sustainable healthcare

The climate emergency poses a major threat to human health as well as the health of our planet.  We are already seeing consequences of the climate emergency and these will only worsen if we do not take action.

Widening inequalities and growing pressures on the health and care system have prompted questions about the role and responsibility of large public sector organisations in tackling the wider determinants of health. The population most impacted by health inequalities are often those most impacted by climate breakdown and poor air quality.

The NHS has signed up to be a net-zero health system by 2040, go to Greener NHS.

Our purpose in North Central London (NCL) is to improve outcomes and wellbeing, through delivering equality in health and care services for local people. We have developed our Green Plan to help us achieve this, see North Central London Green Plan 2022 – 2025.

Delivering sustainable healthcare and improving the local environment for residents will improve outcomes, improve lives and help reduce health inequalities.

Our Green Plan is a coordinated effort across the system to align efforts and maximise impact. The Greener NCL Programme is clinically led and brings together hospital trusts, primary care, voluntary and community sector groups and local authorities.

We plan to have further conversations with residents to influence our plans and priorities, to ensure our Green Plan continues to evolve.

For more information, contact Zoë Garbett, Assistant Director of Communities for NCL CCG