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Provider FAQs

We are working across Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Islington and Haringey to create electronic joined-up health and care records.

Frequently asked questions from health and care professionals using the system can be found below.

If you have a question which has not been answered here, you can contact us by emailing: or contact your deployment manager.

What patient data is available via the London Care Record (HIE)?

As of May 2021, the London Care Record (HIE) is structured in “widgets” which contain the following patient information:

  • Alerts
  • Allergies and adverse reactions
  • Appointments (scheduled in the future)
  • Assessments
  • Care Coordinator information
  • Care Plans
  • Clinical Correspondence, including:
    • Inpatient and Emergency Discharge Summaries,
    • Outpatient Clinic Letters
  • Community and Mental Health data
  • Diagnoses
  • Diagnostic Results and Reports, including:
    • Radiology reports including ultrasounds
    • Histopathology reports
    • Blood Sciences results
    • Microbiology and Virology reports
    • Other Diagnostic Reports e.g. Endoscopy, EEG, Cardiology, and others
  • Encounters / Visits information
  • GP Records
  • Immunisations
  • Medications, most prominently Discharge Medications
  • Miscellaneous Reports e.g. Op Notes
  • Problems
  • Procedures (surgical)
  • Progress Notes
  • Referrals
  • Vital Signs data
How is access to the London Care Record (HIE) managed?

Health and social care professionals access the London Care Record (HIE) via their own Electronic Health Records system or social care data system using embedded in-context links to access data only for their own patients.

Access is also controlled using a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policy and configuration, which assigns levels of access to each HIE user based on their role within their host organisation.

Is access to patient records tracked and audited?

Yes, each access of a patient record on the London Care Record (HIE) is tracked behind the scenes. Audit reports and statistical information are available upon request by data controllers and patients. Please email the NLP Digital Helpdesk ( if you are a data controller or resident and want to request an audit report.

Why can I only see certain aspects within the London Care Record (HIE) patient/client record?

Access to the data in London Care Record (HIE) is determined by your organisation and is assigned to you depending upon the access level to your local system.

How do I increase the types of information I can see in London Care Record (HIE)?

You will need to discuss this with your local system administrator.

Who do I contact if I notice incorrect/out of date information in London Care Record (HIE)?

If the data source is shown as being from your organisation, then please contact your local service desk to raise the concern.

If the data is from another organisation, then please contact the NLP Digital Helpdesk ( ) with the details.

What should I tell a patient / client if they don’t want their data shared in London Care Record (HIE)?

They should be encouraged to share their heath and care data via London Care Record (HIE) so that all relevant staff who provide direct care to them have access to correct and up to date information.

Alternatively, they should go to the Opting out of the joined-up record page on the North London Partners website, where an opt-out form to complete can be found.

Who should I contact for more information about London Care Record (HIE)?

Please contact the NLP Digital Helpdesk at, detailing what information you would like.

How do I access support if London Care Record (HIE) is not working as expected?

If London Care Record (HIE) is running slowly, or not working as expected, this is often as a result of a Trust’s network or internal systems, so please contact your organisation’s service desk.

Where does liability sit when results come in and GP has concerns but the test/result comes under another organisations care?

Test request and results, or something such as an abnormal BP reading still falls under the responsibility of the organisation or clinician who made the request for the test.  However if you notice something that raises a concern, it is good professional practice to liaise with colleagues across the system to register your concern. 

Can staff in a hospital trust see GP letters and referrals?

Only data with a code behind it will be shared to the London Care Record (HIE), so this information will not be included in the London Care Record (HIE) record. 

Do we still need to send clinical letters between professionals or just use the HIE now to upload documents?

London Care Record (HIE) does not change standard practice. It is still necessary to send clinical letters between professionals as London Care Record (HIE) is view only – it does not prompt any alerts or notify you of updates. 

Does the London Care Record (HIE) enable access to EMIS community?

London Care Record (HIE) does not currently give access to EMIS community.