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Evidence Based Interventions and Clinical Standards

Evidence Based Interventions Programme

In 2018 the national Evidence Based Interventions (EBI) programme was established between four national partners: the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, NHS Clinical Commissioners, NICE and NHS England.

The aim of the EBI programme is to improve the quality of care being offered to patients by reducing unnecessary interventions, preventing avoidable harm and reducing unwarranted variation. In addition, by offering interventions on the NHS that are evidence-based and clinically appropriate, the programme frees up resources that can be put to use elsewhere in the NHS.

NCL ICB supports EBI as it supports our aim to give patients the highest quality of care and management.

NCL EBICS policy

The evidence-based interventions and clinical standards (EBICS) policy is used across North Central London and incorporates the findings of the national Evidence-Based Interventions (EBI) Programme.

Following public and clinical consultation, guidance for 31 EBI-2 were published in November 2020 by the national EBI programme.

In response to the release of this guidance, an NCL EBICS Policy Review Group was established, including primary care and secondary care clinical leads, referral assessors and community members. The group considered whether the EBI-2 recommendations should be adopted across NCL. It also reviewed several other clinical recommendations for inclusion in the policy, as well as feedback raised by local clinicians on the current policy.

Following a detailed review, the NCL EBCIS policy was updated. This draft policy was shared with multiple partners and stakeholders across NCL in 2022, who fed back on the draft. This comprehensive feedback has been incorporated in the final EBICS policy.

The updated policy went live on 1 April 2023.

You can view the FAQs here.