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Clinical Advisory Group

The North Central London Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) was established during the pandemic to provide a local forum to ensure temporary service changes arising from Covid-19 pressures are considered, implications anticipated are mitigated and decisions are appropriately enacted and communicated.

The NCL CAG has been the key interface between the London CAG regarding clinical services that may impact NCL and vice versa.

The NCL CAG provides robust assurance about the clinical service change decisions that are made and provide a clear and transparent audit trail of the rationale for the decision to effect a clinical service change.

The group also has a formal role providing a formal clinical review of the temporary service changes made to ensure clinical oversight of the operational transition into the post-pandemic phase.

Terms of reference 

Download and view the NCL Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) Terms of Reference V3.0 6 August 2020

Membership of North Central London Clinical Advisory Group (CAG)