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North Central London is made up of five boroughs – Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington, with around 1.6 million residents living here.

North Central London Integrated Care System (NCL ICS) brings together local health and care organisations, local councils and the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector to work in joined-up ways to improve health outcomes for residents and tackle inequalities that currently exist.

There are many examples of good practice across NCL. Throughout the pandemic and our response to Covid-19, we have learnt a lot about how the system can come together across NCL. We are building on this knowledge and experience as we continue to improve health and care for people living in the five boroughs that make up North Central London.

The pandemic has also further highlighted inequalities within and across our communities. Covid-19 has had a larger impact on some populations and making some existing problems worse. Our health and care partners are committed to challenging these inequalities and creating better futures for everyone living in North Central London.

By working as one health and care system we can:

  • make more progress, faster, in improving the health of our local population and tackling the inequalities people face in terms of their health outcomes and experience of services
  • ensure our services are as efficient and effective as possible – reducing waste, achieving economies of scale and spending money where it will have the most impact
  • learn from each other in terms of delivering the care and support residents want and need, and accelerating new ways of working to deliver this across the system
  • increase our collective focus on the things we know impact health and wellbeing – such as housing, fulfilling work, community connection, transport and our surroundings
  • plan for the future to ensure local health and care services are resilient and ‘fit for the future’ – such as supporting a growing older population and reducing our carbon footprint.